Richard Laston
Professional Massage Therapy

About Me

Richard Laston graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy at the Tempe, AZ Campus in October 2016. He has been providing fitness services for 12 years and massage for 5, and is ready and available to help you deal with nearly any physical issue you could be having. Whether you need help dealing with pain, or just want to get in shape, Laston’s Wellness can help.

Laston’s is committed to providing a top-quality massage that actually addresses your needs. We have a variety of tools and techniques to meet any issue, and we guarantee that you will feel a difference after each session. We don’t just do a “fluff and buff” where we put on lotion and rub down your skin—we make sure that our work goes deep into your muscles, lengthening and relaxing them so that you’ll have a better range of motion after each session.